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2019-04-11 Leisure Time


Leisure Time

  1. 十三个新职业获官方认可

Thirteen new professions, including e-sports player and drone navigator, have been identified by the national human resources authority this week. The list was jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, State Administration for Market Regulation and National Bureau of Statistics.


The 13 new professions are mainly in areas of high technology, including artificial intelligence, internet of things and big data, drone navigation and e-sports, which require more knowledge and superior skills.



A pair of historically accurate Heavenly Lanterns created by the Palace Museum sold for 10.6 million yuan at a charity auction Tuesday. At the same auction, a pair of Longevity Lanterns and five pairs of smaller royal lanterns were sold, according to a Palace Museum press release.


The lanterns were accurate copies based on archives from the Qing Dynasty and used at the museum's special exhibition for Spring Festival this year. The money raised from the auction will be used to sponsor education and cultural programs in impoverished regions.



A toddler in Indonesia has a pet crocodile who she does everything with - the unlikely pair even bathe and brush their teeth together. Three-year-old Maharni was given the baby croc as a present from her dad who had spotted the reptile in a market.The girl's dad said that he felt bad for the creature, which was then just 80 cm and was covered in cuts, so he bought it home eight months ago.


Now the duo is inseparable and will even sleep together, with little Maharni fast asleep with her arms wrapped around the reptile.


A footage shows the tot sitting in a bathtub carefully brushing the crocodile's teeth with a brush and toothpaste.


Words Trick

想要表达别人说的话正合你意时的激动心情, 还在用干巴巴的"You are right!"吗?让我们一起学习更多有趣的相关表达吧!

1.You're telling me! 说的就是!太对了!


-I think we should change the standard.

-You're telling me!



  1. Tell me about it! 就是啊!你说的对!表示说到某人的心坎了,因此情绪激动地喊出来。


- The movie sucks.

- Tell me about it! I can't fed up with the acting.



3.Now you are talking   正合我意!我同意!


-Shall we have BBQ tonight?

-Now you are talking.



4.You can say that again! 一点儿都没错!不要直译成“你再说一遍”


-It's going to rain.

-You can say that again! The weather is very heavy and sultry.



5.I couldn't agree more!相当于"I certainly agree with that.": 我不能再同意了,即非常赞同


-The event is obviously a stunt.

-I couldn't agree more!



6.There you go! 相当于:"Here we go." 美语常用语


-We need to set off earlier.

-There you go!



7. I'm with you on that."with"有“支持”的意思,即我支持你的说法


-I hate working overtime, especially without the overtime fee.

-I'm with you on that.



8.You took the words right out of my mouth.把我想说的说出来 不能再认同了!


-She is as sweet as cake.

-You took the words right out of my mouth.



Do As Romans Do



Main Korea Republic food and drink characteristic: High protein , much vegetable , happy event delicate , abstain from greasy food, sense of taste is burned with the cold give first place to. Korean regards rice as staple food down the ages. Cooked food gives first place to stewing to cook and to roast system , is not used for a hot dish mainly. Korean likes to eat noodles , beef , chicken and dog's meat , does not like to eat steamed bread , mutton and duck meat.



Speaking of diet, not only is rice as the staple food, vegetables, fish and meat as the non-staple food of Japanese food, but also western European and Chinese food are generally very popular.In Japan you can taste a rich variety of meals.


Sushi covered with sashimi is the most popular food in Japan because of the country's love of raw fish. Japanese cuisine is very particular about maintaining the original taste of food, do not advocate adding too much seasoning, to give priority to light. In particular, they have high requirements for the color of dishes. They not only use all kinds of delicate containers to hold food, but also have delicate considerations for the shape, arrangement and color collocation of food.

日本人普遍爱食用生鱼,因而盖着生鱼片的寿司是日本国内最流行的食物。 日本料理非常讲究保持食物的原味,不提倡加入过多调料,以清淡为主。对菜肴的色面尤其有着很高的要求,不但使用各式各样非常精致的盛器来装食物,对食物的形状、排列、颜色搭配也都有很细腻的考虑。


In England, people always have some bread and milk for breakfast on weekday which is always in a hurry. But on weekends, breakfast is a big feast with bacon, porridge, coffee, eggs, toasts,cakes, and so on.


As for lunch, it's always so simple. People usually have a sandwich or a hot dog. Some people also eat in a fast-foodrestaurant nearby. This meal won’t last very long.


Dinner is the biggest meal with potato, beef, chicken, soup, and some desserts. At this meal, people usually sit around the table and talk about their daily events. This is the best time for family gathering.


Classic Voice

《风雨哈佛路》即Homeless to Harvard是美国一部催人警醒的励志电影。该电影由索拉伯奇、迈克里雷等主演,介绍了一位生长在纽约的女孩莉斯经历人生的艰辛和辛酸,凭借自己的努力,最终走进了最高学府的经历。影片于200347日在美国上映。


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