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2018-11-01 Leisure time


Leisure time

Anecdote Words









witch 女巫

halloween costume 万圣节服装

skeleton 骨架

bat 蝙蝠

mask 面具

Grim Reaper 死神

spider web 蜘蛛网

treat or trick不请吃就捣蛋

Jack-o '-lantern on October 31 The Children of Ireland made "Jack's Lanterns" with potatoes and Luo bu, who dug the middle, punched the holes and lit candles inside. For the village to celebrate Ideshin's Halloween, the children carry the lantern door-to-house begging food.

Jack-o’-lantern 在十月三十一日爱尔兰的孩子们用土豆和罗卜制作“杰克的灯笼”,他们把中间挖掉、表面上打洞并在里边点上蜡烛。为村里庆祝督伊德神的万圣节,孩子们提着这种灯笼挨家挨户乞计食物。

Music Mood Kite


I believe many small partners must have seen the Burton director of the "Christmas Night Scare" it. At the beginning of the movie, in the Halloween town, the Demons danced and greeted their pumpkin King, the skeleton Jack. Jack, with his head on a pumpkin, lit himself and leaped into the pool as the hope of prayer. The picture is dark and terrible, accompanied by nightmare-like background music, so that the film at the beginning to seize the hearts of fans, the name of the song is the famous "This is HALLOWEEN".

相信不少小伙伴们小时候一定看过提姆伯顿导演的《圣诞夜惊魂》吧。电影开场时,在万圣节小镇上,魔鬼们随着舞蹈,迎接他们南瓜之王——骷髅杰克。杰克头戴南瓜,在万众犹如祈祷的期盼下,点燃自己,跃入水池。画面阴暗可怕,伴随着梦魇般的背景音乐,使电影在开头便抓住了影迷的心,歌的名字便是著名的《THIS IS HALLOWEEN》。

Hot Topic


I live in Indonesia, and this is how a typical loaf of bread looks like:


This kind of bread is served like a usual Western bread. Personally, I like shredding this bread and then spreading it over a cup of ice cream.


Roti goreng (literally ‘fried bread’) can be easily found in Indonesia. Usually served as a snack, roti goreng is served with sesame seeds or fine sugar on it

Roti goreng(字面意思是“炸面包”)在印尼随处可见。这通常作为一种零食来享用,并与芝麻和细糖搭配。

Pastries, either savory or sweet, are also widespread in Indonesia:


Uniquely Singapore: Bread from the last of the traditional bakeries.


Fluffy white bread with no preservatives and baked freshly. Sliced by hand.


Sliced by your friendly neighborhood aunties and uncles:


Great for toast:


Also can be paired with Ice cream in what is known as an ‘Icecream Sandwich:’


Nostalgia with a slight sweetness and the comforting scent of a mild burn:


These are the most common types of bread in Iran.


Taftoon (it is not a big tortilla bread,it just looks like it) :




Barbari (great when is hot and fresh):


Sangak (this one is baked on little pieces of stone):


I live in the US. These are just some of what we have here:


In Mexico we classify bread into two types: “sweet” bread and “salty” bread.


Here’s an example of “sweet” bread:


The savory (“salty”) breads look like this:


We eat them during lunch, or we use them to make “tortas” or “lonches” (Mexican sandwiches):


Quality time


1. Improves Your Metabolism


Studies have shown that drinking water on empty stomach can help increase metabolic rate up by 30%. This means that the rate at which calories are burned increases by nearly one third. You know what that means right? – Quicker weight loss!


If your metabolic rate is high, then you will be able to digest food faster and maintain a slim figure despite eating those extra calories. However, this doesn’t warrant you to bite down on all that junk food. Furthermore, you will need to incorporate around four litres of water into your daily routine for best results.


2. Helps in Clearing Your Bowels


Constipation is one of the most irritating conditions which also results in retention of toxins inside the body. But did you know that one of the other benefits of drinking water is that it helps to clear out your bowels? The colon, which is in part responsible for bowel movements, require water to function properly. So just gulp down a glass of water and sit on your toilet for a clean colon.


3. Helps to Balance Your Nervous System


Yes, drinking water on empty stomach especially if it’s hot, can improve the health of your nervous system. Early morning, the stomach is most receptive. At this moment, if you indulge in coffee, which is a central nervous system stimulant, your nervous system will be affected from the get-go. On the other hand, if you just have a glass of warm water, it can properly hydrate your nervous system, which will help it function properly.


4. Prevents Migraine Attacks


Again, if you are prone to migraine attacks, then water can help fight it off. Your doctor might have already told you that migraines happen due to dehydration amongst other reasons. So just by increasing your water intake, you are basically preventing your chances from suffering another migraine attack. This is especially so when you drinking water on empty stomach, as your body didn’t get any fluids when you were asleep.


5. Improves Health of Urinary Tract


After a certain age, urinary tract infections become common. The thing that happens is that your bladder builds up with urine throughout the night. Prolonged periods of holding in urine inside the bladder can lead to the formation of harmful bacteria and toxins on the walls of the bladder. However, if you treat yourself to a single glass of water after waking up, then it can help to properly empty your bladder as it has a diuretic effect.


6. Improves Your Appetite


Early in the morning, with your stomach totally empty, it is natural you will feel hungry. So another benefit of drinking water is preparing you to have the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Besides this, we all know that having a healthy appetite is good for overall health.


7. Prevents Premature Aging


And now to finish off, let’s see how drinking water on empty stomach can prove to be some sort of an elixir. Water can help release toxins such as bacteria and other harmful elements from your system. This, in turn, can help your body fight the effects of free radicals which can cause premature ageing. Furthermore, if your skin is properly hydrated internally, it will feel rejuvenated, which can help it maintain an elastic and toned appearance.


Movie Courier


Vampire Duke Dracula and daughter Mefis participated in a luxurious wedding, watching the wedding in pairs of monsters and couples, single for many years, the envy of Dracula lit up the desire to find objects. A beautiful woman dressed in the introduction of a meeting with Dracula, she is very fond of Dracula, but also to pull Dracula dance. But the woman's shoulder gesticulating, let the thin Dracula very frightened. Eyes look at the woman is stronger hug oneself, a want this hug may cause oneself to be seriously injured, Dracula hurriedly with magic escape out.

After escaping from the danger of Dracula for his single thing sullen, he secretly use the phone to inquire about the appointment, trying to arrange a perfect date for himself.


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